We are glad you found your way to our little refuge.
Unsatisfied with what the region had to offer we decided to establish our own small business with the intention to create a port of call for aficionadas/os as well as newbies.
We’d like to invite everyone who’s interested in or curious about corsets and the art of lacing to try on and enjoy this fascinating garment.
Being tired ourselves of poor customer service in a sterile ambiente with tiny changing rooms we offer an open and friendly atmosphere and all the time needed to build a good feeling.
We put the main emphasis on personal advice as it is our goal to fit every customer with the corset that suits her/him best, hence showing the possibilities to wear it with everyday, trendy or festive clothing. So please, don’t rush in but take your time, as time and leisure are the most important elements when acquiring a corset.
Every corset we sell is made individually to the likings of the buyer with a tight yet comfortable fit.
After a delivery time of 3-4 weeks you may enjoy the well-known or the new feeling of a nicely embraced body and a newly refurbished self-confidence.
Any inquiries, questions and comments are welcome, be they friendly or ghastly :-)
As this is a part-time business, we have small opening hours. We’re in to meet you with a glass of wine or water -:)

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Address:                   Dorotheenstr. 28

                                   40235 Düsseldorf/Germany

Our opening hours:       Tue + Wed + Fri  6-8 p.m. / Sat  noon - 6 p.m.   

                                   you may fix an individual appointment by calling:
                                   +49 (0) 211/668 73 83 during opening hours
                                   +49 (0) 172/207 89 21 (Holger)
                                   +49 (0) 173/285 60 43 (Gertie)


We will be happy to meet you!   Gertie & Holger









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