corset calendar "Waist Wards" 2010


There we go again, challenging football to maximum heights, soaking in Absinth, doing a favor to our neighbourly french community and to beds of roses.
mi camino is about to launch the 3rd edition of “Waist Wards” and this year it’ll be different as we drifted from mere corset depiction to sujet-related and context-driven photography.
We hope that you, Dear Customer, will walk the way along with us, having agreed upon our development, holding to us trustfully, being eager to watch what will happen in 2011.
We, ourselvese, will.
We owe a busload of thanks to our models for their time, inspiration, dedication and cooperation and, of course, to our photographer Christian Ritter ( for the way he looks at things, for his imaginations, PC-working hours, Boeuf de Bourgogne and other titbits.
“Waist Wards” 2010 will be presented publicly once again at our vernissage at the Waschbütt in Düsseldorf, Achenbachstr. 131 (smoker's club ;-). on September 26th, 2009 starting at 8 p.m.
We will have an early bird price upto that date (EUR 29,90 plus delivery), afterwards the calendar will be available at a price of EUR 34,90 (plus delivery) as in the years before. “Early Bird”-orders can be placed here from now on. And naturally, as for all those who want to attend the vernissage we’ll try to gather together as many models as possible to frame this evening properly.
The calendar pics will be published piece by piece on our homepage during the next couple of weeks; we hope you can enjoy them as much as we did.
A warm welcome once again to all you corset afficionados around the world.


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For all you hunters and collectors out there: a few 2008 & 2009 calendars are still avalaible.

2010 is sold out!

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Format: 40 x 60 cm / 15,75 x 23,62 inches
Scope: cover + 12 sheets + cardboard
Paper: 0,5511 lbs Lumi Silk, coated,  4/0 colors
black wire-o binding
english/german calendarium incl. 
international holidays

strictly limited edition!
the pics will be published here..
piece by piece within the next couple of days & weeks

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