corset calendar "Waist Wards" 2008

One year ago the Duesseldorf photographer Christian Ritter ( popped into our store, exploring the odds of adding a new accessory to a shooting later that day. His request had been answered positively and promptly the same evening. The shooting ended at 4:00 a.m. and within these few hours a new cooperation was born, which led to a number of shootings in the upcoming months focussing on corsets and their versatility. In the early summer the idea of creating a corset calendar gradually took shape. We thought it might well be time to realize a high quality product of a large format featuring this beautiful garment.

It’s been a sort of “no risk, no fun” project, yet the fun overweighed the risk of the production costs. Meanwhile, it’s printed, delivered and available to everybody. To our knowledge, a non-personalized motive calendar featuring corsets has not been published in the last two to three years, so we hope we make a small contribution to close this gap.
It was a diverting and successful evening, when the vernissage of the calendar was celebrated at our event "Korsett/corset
...going public" on Oct. 6, 2007 in Germany/Düsseldorf in a small and cosy bar called Waschbütt. We would like to say thanks to all our guests and the wonderful team of the Waschbütt. Lots of corseted women (and even a few men) mingled with the regular crowd [and had fun from dusk til dawn].

More here: Events.

For all you hunters and collectors out there: a few 2008 calendars are still avalaible.


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Format: 40 x 60 cm / 15,75 x 23,62 inches
Scope: cover + 12 sheets + cardboard
Paperr: 0,5511 lbs Lumi Silk, coated,  4/0 colors
black wire-o binding

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